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  3. JIRA Publicly Available

    This is awesome Hopefully we're up and running soon
  4. I have made JIRA our bug tracking system available publicly so we can see progress while the server is down. You can access it via this link: https://graardor.atlassian.net/projects/GRAA/issues/GRAA-240?filter=allopenissues This icon represents a content which is yet to be added and it wont affect date the server will be up: This icon represents a bug and will have to be fixed before the server is up: We have come a very long way (173 done issues)
  5. Graardor Returns

  6. Hello

  7. Hello

    Hi my name's Robbie. I am a former private server player, owner and developer.
  8. Hello

    A few weeks ago I wanted to this server out, but couldn't get past the login screen. Glad to see it's coming back. Very excited to give it a try
  9. Graardor Returns

    Nice to hear, looking forward to getting back on Graardor!
  10. Good to be back :)

  11. Good to be back :)

  12. Graardor Returns

    Can't wait for this again
  13. Good to be back :)

    Ayeeee can't wait till this server is back up, and get back to the good old days :D...
  14. Graardor Returns

    Hi Guys, Many of you know that Graardor has been offline for about 2 months. This was due to unexpected relocation of my workplace. I apologise for not stating anything previously as it was a very hectic move for me. Development will continue after 22nd May and the server should be back up with many new features at the end of May and June. We will be back up soon and character saves will remain as normal. When we're back up this time we'll be back up for good and advertising fully! Look forward to seeing the old players online.
  15. Update 08/03/2018

    eyyy good work
  16. Update 08/03/2018

    A few bug fixes: - Fixed ironman picking up their items on death - Fixed MB Lever - You can now make blessed spirit shield and ely, divine, spectral, arcane shields. - Lootshare has been fixed - Blood, water alters in abyss teleport has been fixed - Outer abyss teleport has been placed in correct location - You can now make toxic blowpipes and Serp helm by using chisel on the tanzanite fang or serpentine visage
  17. nice updates brotha, might have to hop on tonight and check this out.
  18. The drop system should match how RS wiki does it now. We have dumped both old school and new RS3 monsters. Here is everything else that was fixed:
  19. Update 17/02/2018 - Graardor HD

    This is looking very noiceeee
  20. Uhh, hi

    I'm here to disregard women and acquire currency.
  21. Hi im skill Dono Status

    I know u already know that im donor but here is still official proof https://imgur.com/a/VBCPx
  22. Update 17/02/2018 - Graardor HD

    eyy im famous yeah it was worth, looks so much better <3
  23. Hi guys, Here are some Client instructions. There are some requirements before you can run the client which you must have. Here the requirements: REQUIREMENTS: Download JRE 8 - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html For HD Mode: You need a Graphics Card or a processor with Integrated Graphics otherwise it will go to LD mode. Warning: IF you have a 64 bit architecture you have to DL X64 Java which is located on that page otherwise client will crash. Make sure if your computer is a 64 bit architecture you are running on 64 bit java. You can check what Java version you have by looking at the FAQ. The FAQ also will list how to check what computer architecture you have. FAQ: Is my computer 64 or 32 bit: 1) Right click Properties on "THIS PC" 2) Look here to verify your computer is 32 or 64 bit How do i check my java version: Go to CMD and type java -version. Make sure if your computer is a 64 bit computer you are running on 64 bit java. Why does my Client keep Freezing: Your client can be freezing for a whole range of reasons. One of the main reasons is the wrong graphics card driver is installed. How to update your Graphics card driver: This is the main reason for crashes on the client. 1) To check what graphics cards you have open device manager: 2) Find Display Adapters 3) Go to every drivers website and update the driver. Updating driver from device manager sometimes does not work so you might need to google the driver in my case i'd google "AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Driver" and find the download on the AMD website. My Client Crashed and i am logged on how do i log out: Go to your task manager find the Java process and end all of them How can i delete my cache (This solves many issues)? If you have startup issues for some reason then you can always start a fresh. You need delete the folder located at "C:\Users\YOURUSER\.graardor". Make sure there is no Java processes running when you delete this folder. Then if you re-run your client it should re-download it. IF All ELSE FAILS SEND US A ERROR LOG HERES HOW: When your client crashes it should display a error message on the black console. Here is a example (although this message isn't a crash): If we get sent this then we can accurately debug your issue.
  24. Update 17/02/2018 - Graardor HD

    Worth the wait!! Nice update
  25. HD has been released after a long awaited month, please download the new loader at: http://Graardor.com/Play Here are some images:
  26. Upcoming HD Update

    Amazing work Jay! Looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to ags spec someone on first person LOOOOL
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