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  2. The loader has been updated to allow players to download the cache fully instead of using OnDemand. If you select no by accident you can delete the file called loader_version.txt located in the cache. OnDemand decreases data usage however can cause loading screens to be really long, so to improve game-play download the whole cache instead of using OnDemand. http://graardor.com/play
  3. Server starting to shape up lets go boyssss!!!
  4. 2 new bosses are added to game along with all their items, they are located on the boss teleport. A little gif: Weapon Store at home now has a option of weapons or armour: Other fixed:
  5. Farming Patched

    Looks Good??
  6. Farming Patched

    Farming is now patched. It will now work once you reload the loader. Enjoy
  7. Client Error

    Hey Fate, I've recently made a client update, please rerun the client and see if it works. If not just delete your cache folder once more and see if it works. Thanks.
  8. Client Error

    Anyone know why this is happening? I've tried deleting cache and redownloading several times, also have the same error on another computer.
  9. Problem loading the client

    This worked for me so thankyou.
  10. Problem loading the client

    Getting the same requesting config error when I tried to d/l the client on my other computer too.
  11. Pixelated

    I think it may be your screen resolution. What resolution you playing at?
  12. Problem loading the client

    Weird is anyone still getting this issue? Please PM me if so. Edit: You may need to delete your existing cache folder for the client to work.
  13. Problem loading the client

    yep same issue here
  14. Problem loading the client

    Tried it, same issue - 'archives error' and then keep repeating the requesting config loading part
  15. Problem loading the client

    Why dont you try to remove the cache and re-try. The cache is located at "C:\users\youruser\graardor\" Delete all of the contents of that then re-try to run the file.
  16. Problem loading the client

    Requesting Config...100% and keeps retrying (couldn't edit above post soz)
  17. Problem loading the client

    I'm getting a different error but cannot load it either
  18. Problem loading the client

    https://imgur.com/dLuQkjR This is what is coming up when loading the client.
  19. Pixelated

    Is it just me or is the game extremely pixelated. Also, right clicking is not working. Whenever I right click it acts the same as a left click. I will update this thread if I find more bugs.
  20. Beta Back up

    Just joined, server looks fantastic. Will be logging on very soon.
  21. Beta Back up

    Beta is back up. Here are a few new things: Crazy Arch Scorpia Chaos fanatic: Lizard Shamans Ven'tion Coming Soon: Inferno: Raids: Abyssal Sire:
  22. Server Information

    i was wondering same thing as turtle. any idea when server starts running?
  23. Server Information

    I'm still snooping around
  24. Upcoming Updates - Inferno

    looks good
  25. Upcoming Updates - Inferno

    hey lemon, any idea how long still gona take to start server?:)
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