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    2 new bosses are added to game along with all their items, they are located on the boss teleport. A little gif: Weapon Store at home now has a option of weapons or armour: Other fixed:
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    Farming is now patched. It will now work once you reload the loader. Enjoy
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    Just joined, server looks fantastic. Will be logging on very soon.
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    Sign up to our community for more information here: Forums - Invision Community[ADMIN=Introduction]Graardor is an economy based PRE-EOC private server currently loading Mixed PRE-EOC/OSRS data. Our goal is to constantly create unique and creative content that all Skiller, PVM, and PVP players will enjoywhile bringing a healthy dose of player-suggested content into Graardor as well. Now after several years of development, Graardor is nearing Beta release.this Project thread was made to show progress on the server so farand give a little insight on whats planned for the future. Herblore Overloads Potion Combination Flasks Potion Flask Creation Summoning Scroll Creation Summoning Tab Pets Special Moves Attacking Runecrafting Abyss All runes Altar talisman entry Teleport Tabs Multiple runes Talisman locating Pouches Pouch degrading & repairing Construction All rooms All furniture House saving Instancing Mini activities Dungeons Room saving Dungeoneering - Floors 1-50 Available - Complexity 1-5 - Skill, guardian and key doors - Dungeoneering Bosses - Herblore - Fletching - Mining - Smithing - Fishing - Runecrafting Farming - Patches - Weeding - Curing - Patches - Compost Bins Other Skills: - Attack ✅ - Defence ✅ - Strength ✅ - Constitution ✅ - Ranged ✅ - Mage ✅ - Prayer ✅ - Fishing ✅ - Agility ✅ - Thieving ✅ - Crafting ✅ - Fletching ✅ - Slayer ✅ - Hunter ✅ - Mining ✅ - Smithing ✅ - Cooking ✅ - Firemaking ✅ - Woodcutting ✅ Godwars Nex King Black Dragon Corporeal Beast Giant Mole Dagannoth Kings TzTok-Jad Kalphite Queen Barrows Brothers Barrelchest Chaos Elemental Culinaromancer Bandos Avatar Nomad Phoenix Bork Bosses Queen Black Dragon Vorago Giant Sea Snake Skoll Hati Ice Demon Har-Ak Cliff Penance Queen Skeletal horror Pest Queen The Inadequacy Zulrah Kracken Cerberus Abyssal Sire Skotizo Lizard Shaman Callisto Chaos Fanatic Crazy archaeologist Scorpia Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Venenatis Vet'ion Slash Bass Clan WarsSoul WarsCastle WarsPest Control Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite Clues: OSRS Content: OSRS Items: Clan Slayer Assignments: Team/Solo Dungeoneering: Crazy Arch Scorpia Chaos fanatic: Lizard Shamans Ven'tion Inferno: Raids: GIFS: Player Owned Shops: