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    Hi Adventurers, It's been a long time since a update, thats because we have been busy improving FPS/Graphics. We are nearly finished with just Dungeoneering remaining to do. So we have a dilemma, delay the release or release straight away and add Dungeoneering as a update being the top priority on the list. I have made a poll so we can decide on what to do next. I cannot really give any time frames on how long fixing the current bugs in Dungeoneering will take (In HD Client), what seems like a small issue could turn into a bigger one so i'll let you guys decide on what to do next. First Person: Here are some images:
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    HD has been released after a long awaited month, please download the new loader at: http://Graardor.com/Play Here are some images:
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    keep doing good work babe! :3
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    Looks Amazing Still needs a few small improvments before it's ready to be realeased imo. from what i've tested. But the poll will decide.
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    If any of you normies/weebs out there like manga/anime, what are your favorites? I'd have to say for my top 10 (no specific order and including those no longer in production): 1. Tokyo Ghoul 2. Naruto (all series) 3. Food Wars! 4. My Hero Academia 5. Inuyasha 6. Hunter x Hunter 7. Parasyte 8. Overlord 9. Re: Zero 10. Corey in the House
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    Hey guys, Im charan . I have been an admin at the late hydrascape 639, gained a lot of experience with RSPS and forum development over there and decided to put it to good use at graardor. I'll be helping the guys here in forums and community management (which mainly includes staff management) and anything else in my power . Kiwi in-game and on forums. Feel free to start a conversation and pitch into what you'd like to see in the forums or ingame.
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    Commander Zilyna, Corp, Zammy Boss has been fixed and will not constantly hit through prayer.
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    Bro I remember you haha you were staff on hydra... u remember me? "aquatilc"