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  1. Farming Patched

    Looks Good??
  2. Problem loading the client

    yep same issue here
  3. Bugs and some suggestions

    -Mouse scroll dosen't work in the bank. -You can't wield the staff you get when you create new acc ( Says: This item is not a set ) -Remove the chat spam whenever you equip a wepon it shows ( You have X player kills giving you X % extra bonus on this item ). -It says you need 80 mage to equip air staff. -Water staff shows stackable icon when in inventory.
  4. Bugs and some suggestions

    -You can't train summoning, says you dont have any spirit shards, even though i have them in inventory. -Move home teleport closer to edge bank. -Remove the countdown of 10 secs out of combat before you can tele. -None off the shortcuts at abyss works, ( Maybe move the tele to "inside" the abyss instead ) -Add shop for 2nd ingredients for herblore. -You can get a pkers cape from summonings master ( Wrong npc ) ??
  5. Bugs and some suggestions

    If you turn off 10x hits - all hits shows as "1"
  6. Bugs and some suggestions

    -Barbarian course dosen't work. -Barbarian course texture looks wierd ( like the path is water ) -Black dragon puzzle from "puzzle master" isn't completeable. -Wall bugged at Al kharid tanner. -Theres 2 "max" at home ( 1 at furnace and 1 at general store ) -Add if you press ESC you close interfaces ( if you ESC closed bank ) -Add if you press SPACE you continue. -Add Achievment rewards shop -Teleport interfaces should be updated. -There should be added more teles ( specially more skilling teles, WC FARM...) -Wildernes teleport obelisks dosent work -Sitting down while resting bugged. -Add master capes ( 120 skillcapes ) -Flecthing interfaces dosent shop pictures -Fletching bows makes strung bows instead of unstrung bows. -Add shift drop -Only 1 yew tree at camelot ( infront of church ) is cuttable. Also magic trees isn't cutable. -Add more fishing spots at fishing guild. -Fish spots at Catherby ( infront of range spore ) is misplaced. -Fishing shrimps dosent give any fishing xp. -Add *All but one* in bank. -Add placeholders in bank. -Bank tabs dosent work. -Cutting bolttips from gems shows fletching icon on xp tracker. -Swinging pickaxe when mining is bugged. -Furnace a mining guild is placed ontop of dung entrance. -Can't use any furnace, tried at mining guild, Edgeville and lumbridge none off these seems to work -Trade olivia at catherby farm patch shows clothes store, if you talk to here you get the farm store. -Farm patches dosent work? -Hunting xp shows as summoning icon on xp tracker. -Hunting lvl displays as summoning icon under run energy ( Icons beside minimap ) What i've found testing some stuff, some suggestions and some bugs.