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  1. Cannot play the server

    That is weird, can you make sure you have the latest version of java installed: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html And try to delete the cache, then re-run the loader. When the loader asks you to download the full cache click accept. The loader located here: http://graardor.com/play Should be working now.
  2. Cannot play the server

    You can always use: http://Graardor.com/GraardorBeta.jar Bear in mind this doesn't update live. Edit: Seems that this is a cloudflare issue, it should work if you try again.
  3. Player owned shops: Here are a few bug fixes: Added Fish spots at Catherby ( in-front of range room ) Protective prayers don't protect 100% (They now protect 100% on npcs) Removed the countdown of 10 secs out of combat before you can teleport Arrows now appear on ground when fired Adding fishing spots to fishing guild
  4. The loader has been updated to allow players to download the cache fully instead of using OnDemand. If you select no by accident you can delete the file called loader_version.txt located in the cache. OnDemand decreases data usage however can cause loading screens to be really long, so to improve game-play download the whole cache instead of using OnDemand. http://graardor.com/play
  5. 2 new bosses are added to game along with all their items, they are located on the boss teleport. A little gif: Weapon Store at home now has a option of weapons or armour: Other fixed:
  6. Farming Patched

    Farming is now patched. It will now work once you reload the loader. Enjoy
  7. Client Error

    Hey Fate, I've recently made a client update, please rerun the client and see if it works. If not just delete your cache folder once more and see if it works. Thanks.
  8. Pixelated

    I think it may be your screen resolution. What resolution you playing at?
  9. Problem loading the client

    Weird is anyone still getting this issue? Please PM me if so. Edit: You may need to delete your existing cache folder for the client to work.
  10. Beta Back up

    Beta is back up. Here are a few new things: Crazy Arch Scorpia Chaos fanatic: Lizard Shamans Ven'tion Coming Soon: Inferno: Raids: Abyssal Sire:
  11. So i have been coding inferno so far here it is, just managed to dump the maps:
  12. Updates 18/10/2017

    Update applied.
  13. bugs

    Imported the new bugs into our bug tracking system:
  14. Bugs and some suggestions

    Bugs all imported in our bug tracking system, thanks.
  15. Updates 18/10/2017

    Still fixing animations before we apply this update, taking longer than usual.