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  1. The loader has been updated to allow players to download the cache fully instead of using OnDemand. If you select no by accident you can delete the file called loader_version.txt located in the cache. OnDemand decreases data usage however can cause loading screens to be really long, so to improve game-play download the whole cache instead of using OnDemand. http://graardor.com/play
  2. 2 new bosses are added to game along with all their items, they are located on the boss teleport. A little gif: Weapon Store at home now has a option of weapons or armour: Other fixed:
  3. Farming Patched

    Farming is now patched. It will now work once you reload the loader. Enjoy
  4. Client Error

    Hey Fate, I've recently made a client update, please rerun the client and see if it works. If not just delete your cache folder once more and see if it works. Thanks.
  5. Pixelated

    I think it may be your screen resolution. What resolution you playing at?
  6. Problem loading the client

    Weird is anyone still getting this issue? Please PM me if so. Edit: You may need to delete your existing cache folder for the client to work.
  7. Beta Back up

    Beta is back up. Here are a few new things: Crazy Arch Scorpia Chaos fanatic: Lizard Shamans Ven'tion Coming Soon: Inferno: Raids: Abyssal Sire:
  8. So i have been coding inferno so far here it is, just managed to dump the maps:
  9. Updates 18/10/2017

    The topic is titled for tomorrows update here it is: Game modes have been scrapped, we now have these modes. XP Rate has been set to 1 rate, 500xp per hit. We will commence fixing the bugs which have been posted on forums on Friday, so lookout for a huge update on Saturday. Currently i am aware that some animations are messed up, we will be also fixing it with this update. Evil trees have been added (as you can see we modified quest tab this is not the final version, we want to condense it even more): EXP Well has been added: Here are bug fixes for this release:
  10. Updates 18/10/2017

    Update applied.
  11. bugs

    Imported the new bugs into our bug tracking system:
  12. Bugs and some suggestions

    Bugs all imported in our bug tracking system, thanks.
  13. Updates 18/10/2017

    Still fixing animations before we apply this update, taking longer than usual.
  14. Hey guys, I have put the closed beta back online. Just re-run the loader and everything should work fine. We are currently testing the FPS fix we implemented. People should be getting 50 fps on fixed mode. Enjoy and do post the bugs on forums!
  15. Server Offline

    Hi guys, I have recently moved house, so the closed beta will be offline until further notice (most likely by tomorrow). Regards, Lemon
  16. Server Offline

    Update: I will be getting my new router in about 2-3 days.
  17. Most players have reported a FPS drop, i am currently working to port the client over to hardware rendering (OpenGL), so people can achieve a better FPS. So far: Drawing Sprites, Drawing fonts is completed. At this stage the client doesn't look in a playable state, here are a few images: Got Some model vertices drawing in OpenGL When i got the textures drawing (Funny image): POH maybe in HD: This is taking a bit of time, however we do not wish to rush this as a low FPS is a major concern for the future of our player base after a finished beta. So its best if we get it all correct now.
  18. Updates 25/09/2017

    Here are some new updates: We are planning to add the OSRS drops sometime this week, after we get to test the weapons added in this update fully. About 30+ OSRS items were added, with their full effects and bonuses. Kraken has been added without drops. Trident of seas: Abyssal Bludgeon: Dragon WarHammer: Toxic Blowpipe: Elder Maul: Dungeoneering Store:
  19. Updates 21/09/2017

    We are in a closed beta stage, and did plan to get these updates released before the public beta (keep an eye out for more new content which is meant to get released before public beta). Here are the new updates: Comp cape recolouring now works: All Easy Achievements will now work: Pickpocket: Have a good day! https://i.imgur.com/nkvRISl.gifv
  20. Updates 13/09/2017

    We have been adding OSRS items and bosses today. Here's how its going: Only a few more OSRS bosses to do :p. Bosses: https://i.imgur.com/zQEaFJW.gifv https://i.imgur.com/EZYPAwr.gifv Some items which are going to get added soon to bosses:
  21. Updates 12/09/2017

    So i guess i thought i'd post a few stuff we are working on / the bugs fixed today. Heres some images and details. Newest Additions bosses (No drops have been added yet future plans for OSRS items): Updated Boss Teleport (Keep an eye out for an announcement when these monsters start dropping items): A few of the future OSRS items that are currently being added (Heavy Balista, Staff of Dead, etc..): Magic Shop update: Bugs Fixed: arms dont show up when in equipment screen while wearing leather body - Fixed Hp bar goes red when on low hp on extreme mode - Fixed get booted from server when trying to "sell all" to any shop - Fixed no warning when dropping items that they WILL disappear - Fixed Fixed Skill tab (Correct skills inside tabs) Pipe and gnome agility course now works. Withdraw "x" from bank just withdraws all - Fixed cant left click trade magic store - (Fixed she sells barrage runes and veng runes)cant withdraw/add to pouch in abbreviations (K,M,B) - Fixedshops don't recognize pouched money when making purchases -Fixedplayers can make jewelry by using a gold bar on a gem without needing a furnace or mould or string. - Fixed slayer gem doesnt do anything, also locations of many slayer monsters unclear... consider reworking with the correct dungeons and spawn locations for npcs? - Fixed gem should give you good details nowrange in cooking guild doesnt work - FixedHave to type amount everytime you put money to money pouch. Add all, right click maybe? - Fixedlast skin color makes you crash - (Fixed in next client update)When you gain a prayer level, your prayer points doesn't get raised to the new level. You need to pray at altar. - (Fixed) Clan rank images are too big, looks weird. - (Fixed) Home teleport animation keep switching between the animation and "idle" standing animation. (Fixed) Anvil at mining guild doesn't work. Tried clicking on it aswell as using a bar on it. (Fixed)
  22. bugs

    Thanks for helping us find bugs
  23. Bugs / improvements

    Fixed Fixed when you restart the loader
  24. Last Colour on Appearance Freezes client

    - Fixed Locked
  25. Last Colour on Appearance changing interface Freezes client Edit: Only happens for skin colour