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hi im skill

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  1. Update 08/03/2018

    eyyy good work
  2. Hi im skill Dono Status

    I know u already know that im donor but here is still official proof https://imgur.com/a/VBCPx
  3. Update 17/02/2018 - Graardor HD

    eyy im famous yeah it was worth, looks so much better <3
  4. Upcoming HD Update

    keep doing good work babe! :3
  5. Wassup

    Sup people, im looking into play this server as soon as i have time for it!
  6. Server Information

    i was wondering same thing as turtle. any idea when server starts running?
  7. Upcoming Updates - Inferno

    hey lemon, any idea how long still gona take to start server?:)