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  1. Upcoming HD Update

    Looks great!
  2. Hello

    Welcome to Graardor! Hope you will have a wonderful time here with us!
  3. Updates 23/01/2018 Boss Fixes

    Thanks for this fix!
  4. Hey Im charan

    Hello there and welcome!
  5. Nice work! Looking forward to opengl.
  6. Great update as usual! Thanks for adding glacors and jadinko layer!
  7. Forum Monthly Competition

    Interesting idea. Will hopefully give people an incentive to be more active on the forums.
  8. Great video you have made!
  9. Farming/agility

    Support on this. Both would improve the server if implemented.
  10. Updates 28/12/2017 - Highscores

    Thanks for adding the highscores!
  11. obligatory introduction

    Name: Kristoffer Age: 21 Location: Norway Ingame Account: Kriss Usually go by the name Kriss or Lorden Kriss in rsps Semi-active again in the rsps scene. Currently busy with my third year at the university and irl work.
  12. Updates 26/12/17 - Starter & Fixes

    Great work and thanks for all the bug fixes!
  13. Updates 22/12/2017

    Thanks for the updates! Great work.
  14. Upcoming Updates - Inferno

    Nice, going to be great!