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  1. Upcoming Updates - Inferno

    Nice, going to be great!
  2. Updates 18/10/2017

    Splendid updates! I support the decision of removing the xp game modes and prefer how it is now.
  3. Updates 25/09/2017

    Looking forward to the osrs items!
  4. Updates 21/09/2017

    Thanks for the lovely updates!
  5. Updates 13/09/2017

    Looking forward to this, it's going to be great.
  6. Updates 12/09/2017

    Thanks for the sweet updates! Great work.
  7. Bugs / Tweaks / "Suggestions"

    Right click "Trade" on shopkeepers in general store doesn't work. Either remove? or make it same option as "Talk To"? Only two fisihing locations at fishing guild. Both are net/harpoon. Fletching option images not showing. Home teleport animation keep switching between the animation and "idle" standing animation. When having a security pin, the pin code menu will appear and disappear when doing an action. Tested while doing thieving. I could still thiev, while the menu would flash open/close. Tin/Copper ore xp too high? Got to lvl 72 on 1 copper and 1 tin ore. While 1 iron ore just got me from 72-78 Dung Entrance is right on top of furnace in mining guild. Anvil at mining guild doesn't work. Tried clicking on it aswell as using a bar on it.
  8. Bugs / Tweaks / "Suggestions"

    explanation: When you have your xp counter open, then get an xp drop.(Tested combat and woodcutting). The client crashes. I tested at cows and at wildy trees in draynor. cmd log:
  9. 11. September 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hitsplats not showing last skin color makes you crash opening xp tracker makes you crash Have to type amount everytime you put money to money pouch. Add all, right click maybe? M, k doesn't work when enter amount(cash). Can't use cash when in money pouch. When you gain a prayer level, your prayer points doesn't get raised to the new level. You need to pray at altar. Clan rank images are too big, looks weird. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------