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  1. Updates 18/10/2017

  2. Server Offline

    well shoot, guess it cant be helped though
  3. bugs

    cant fletch dungeoneering logs cant craft dungeoneering hides a lot of the dungeoneering items sell back to shop for the same buy price (free exp)
  4. bugs

    only high level fishing spots available in fishing guild big net not for sale in skilling shop not many fishing spots dungeoneering smithing uses the wrong hammer
  5. bugs

    move the furnace at mining guild plox add a smithing interface if you click on the furnace, currently can only make bars by using the ores on furnace
  6. bugs

    For all arrows, none will appear on the ground, so if not using an ava it's bye bye every single arrow. Don't need damonheim items to say you don't get bonuses because you have 0 pks with them. Feels like curse prayer leeches (stat boosts) dont work many dungeoneering items cant be bound :C (check out my promethium maul Kappa)
  7. bugs

    need shop npc for dungeoneering bind option for items? higher complexity levels = no usable items starting room items shouldnt despawn curse prayers spam numbers in your chat certain rooms in dung are not complete able, in that you cant access npcs behind doors loot can glitch in null spaces, also you can get stuck in null spaces with npcs and get stuck as well https://puu.sh/xCkSQ/a995f2573c.jpg
  8. bugs

    rooms do not reset after finishing dungeon (graphical) but reset after being "opened"
  9. bugs

    switch the star dust reward for addy and mithril, you get more addy than mith, also... add coal to the rewards? or an easier way to get it than simply mining it ingame deaths outside of pvp count towards kdr "toggle defensive casting" option in spellbook teleports you home
  10. Bugs / improvements

    Yeah I've experienced this as well you take an extra hit from whatever you were killing before death, not game breaking but very annoying
  11. Updates 12/09/2017

    Looking great!
  12. Bugs / improvements

    that's because the images for summoning and hunter are swapped iirc, if you try to do hunter you will gain "summoning" experience but will still be able to progress in the skill and same goes for doing summoning
  13. bugs

    range in cooking guild doesnt work drops not disappearing after a while but cant pick up (probably nulled) farming doesnt work at all
  14. bugs

    Withdraw "x" from bank just withdraws all slayer gem doesnt do anything, also locations of many slayer monsters unclear... consider reworking with the correct dungeons and spawn locations for npcs? Cutting dragonstones makes the player lose money unless they make them into glories, which only profit 1218 gp each. players can make jewelry by using a gold bar on a gem without needing a furnace or mould or string. Need a "game" text filter so experienced players can toggle "unnecessary" text off EXAMPLE cant left click trade magic store cant withdraw/add to pouch in abbreviations (K,M,B) shops don't recognize pouched money when making purchases rework theiving loots? completely random and mostly useless items (consider swapping for placeholder items that can just be sold to general store for gp?)