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  1. rkjzok

    I'll take 500 Kappa
  2. Graardor Returns

  3. nice updates brotha, might have to hop on tonight and check this out.
  4. Update 17/02/2018 - Graardor HD

    This is looking very noiceeee
  5. Upcoming HD Update

    Amazing work Jay! Looks absolutely stunning and I can't wait to ags spec someone on first person LOOOOL
  6. Weeb thread

    If any of you normies/weebs out there like manga/anime, what are your favorites? I'd have to say for my top 10 (no specific order and including those no longer in production): 1. Tokyo Ghoul 2. Naruto (all series) 3. Food Wars! 4. My Hero Academia 5. Inuyasha 6. Hunter x Hunter 7. Parasyte 8. Overlord 9. Re: Zero 10. Corey in the House
  7. Updates 23/01/2018 Boss Fixes

    yaaayyyy lol
  8. HD KreyGasm FeelsGoodMan
  9. Hello

    Top bants as always m8
  10. Tanzanite Fang and Serp Visage

  11. Random Loots

    *Most of the loots posted here will cover the course of ~1-3 hrs and are not always typical of what you should expect to receive in the same time frame.* ~1 hr tormented demons ~2 hrs Solo Bandos
  12. Wassup

    Welcome to the server. I hope you stick around, we are growing daily it seems!
  13. Hey that's me LUL I'm looking smeeeeeexxxxyyyyy. Great work on the fps issues (not everyone plays rsps on a gaming pc FeelsBadMan ), and you have got to love that extra render distance. <3
  14. Forum Monthly Competition

    Don't tempt me man.... you don't know thepower of my shitposting
  15. Ooh nice time to get my vine whips
  16. Ghastly

    Awesome now we have something to tease Ablazing ab.... I mean hey buddy welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  17. Farming/agility

    Support for sure
  18. arrow shafts

    That's a "feature" that would be nice to have added, but it's not a bug. Belongs under suggestions. Rs3 didnt have this until mid 2015, and osrs didnt have it until late 2016.
  19. Updates 28/12/2017 - Highscores

    Now the competition begins LEL
  20. Hello

    Pim's here to get paid, get laid, and drink lemonade.
  21. Intro

    Sup guys, I'm madoc. I like finding bugs for Lemon to fix, just to annoy him. Been playing rsps for several years and RS for a bit longer than that.
  22. Undead Riot

    Pretty sure we have redberries in the general store, and oh boy these pics need some major pixels.