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  1. Bugs / improvements

    spawning at half health after death never mind im falling asleep right now so ill see you in a few hours
  2. Bugs / improvements

  3. Bugs / improvements

    cant move in some parts of dungeoneering dungeons https://gyazo.com/579420804e214b481e6410a45e7d5bdd Dung glitch.mp4
  4. Bugs / improvements

    using charms on the obelisk to train summoning gives hunter exp
  5. Bugs / improvements

    hit splats are showing but wrong for instance it shows a 1 but my hitpoints go down 30 kind of hard to show with screenshots
  6. Bugs / improvements

    well of goodwill has no interactions
  7. Bugs / improvements

    the pipe at the gnome agility course does not work and this happens on the tightrope http://prntscr.com/gjzvoi
  8. Bugs / improvements

    nevermind about the lowering the exp rates but make it so the different levels of progression get more/less exp per dust
  9. Bugs / improvements

    the shooting star gives the same exp for all levels of the star and its exp is shared between gamemodes (consider reworking so that the star is still worth mining all the way, so the most exp for the level 9 star then steadily decrease the exp rates for each level after)
  10. Bugs / improvements

    after getting "locked up" in the undead riot there are no cages and you can teleport out making the quest broken
  11. Bugs / improvements

    can still safespot nex
  12. Bugs / improvements

    cant edit my own topic no warning when dropping items that they WILL disappear run energy depletes even when standing still
  13. Bugs / improvements

    arms dont show up when in equipment screen while wearing leather body Hp bar goes red when on low hp on extreme mode get booted from server when trying to "sell all" to any shop no wield option on staff from starter kit