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add ::home command
add ::afk command that makes you sit (people like those alot)
making a rdt (random drop table) that will drop extra items on a certain %
armour store in edgeville
when you examine Stardust it should maybe explain itself because not everyone knows what it is.
might be a good idea to set a timer on the crashed star which actives when you start mining it, and because of the time you can't do it yourself and might need 1 or 2 more people to succesfully mine the star (it might make the star more social)
when handing in the stardust i got more addy then mith. and no coal
also, when you turn in the stardust it's cool to have a certain % of getting a dragon hatchet from it (because it mines the stardust really fast)
once the star location was in barbarian village i found out there is not teleport to it.

mining animation glitching
being in make-over mage and pressing the X makes you go  (fixes when relog)
price check doesn't work when you rightclick the money pouch
cape store says the capes are 112 coins while they are 99.999 coins
skilling stores don't sell big fishing nets or rods bait etc..
agility course animations could be better instead of walking through obstacles
in the gnome agility course the second tree has a climb-up option that doesn't work or display which level you need to climb it
barbarian agility course doesn't work fully


some might be helpful some might not


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adding Triva.

and with trivia it would be cool to have a shop where you can spend the trivia points at, with the items being: brawlers, xp urns and outfits that give extra xp

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