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Temaki's Introduction

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Helllo, My username is temaki I've been on and off playing rsps's for the past few years and I can't really find a rsps that suits me, but I think this one did just the trick. I can't wait to see you all in-game!

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Hi there, and thank you for joining Graardor!


My name ingame and on the forums is Madoc, and I'll be showing you some very important aspects of this server.


First, let me introduce you to our staff team. Graardor's owners are Lemon and Orange.

Now on to the good stuff! You'll want to keep yourself informed about all the events going on so make sure you give the Announcements section an occasional look. The same goes for Updates, which we have quite often thanks to our amazing dev team. During your stay here, the Graardor RSPS forums section will be your best friend. It contains the guides, Marketplace, goals/achievements, and media sections among others.

Once you’ve had a chance to login to the game, you should vote! It will help the server grow, and is a great way to earn decent gear. Should you have any problems with players, or encounter any bugs while playing, you'll want to visit the Help center. Trouble logging in or an issue with the website? Our support section has you covered.


The owners of Graardor love to hear your feedback, it helps them to improve the game. Think something should be added to the game? The owners are receptive to your Suggestions.


Thanks again for choosing Graardor for your rsps gaming experience, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Edited by Madoc

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