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Donator Information & Benefits

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DownloadDonator is a feature in Graardor which allows you access to a variety of exclusive content.


  • Donators can be indentified by the red currency symbol to the left of their name.
  • Donator can be purchased from the gsp shop when purchasing anything worth 100Gsp.
  • Donators have access to exclusive in-game areas.
  • Donators DO get better drop rates than non-Donators. 

Donator benefits

  • Graardor Donators have the ability to send messages to everyone in the world using the command ::yell-(message) or simply typing \(message).
  • Donators also have access to a Donators' Cave, located in the most northern region of Neitiznot, near the green dragons. The dungeon includes Frost Dragons, Barrelchests, and Zombie Champions. This dungeon is a safe area.
  • Donators have access to Resource dungeons that are scattered around the world of Graardor. Resource dungeons contain skilling resources and exclusive monsters that non-Donators may not have access to.
  • Donators have a chance of keeping their untradeables upon death (list can be found below).
  • Donators are able to do ::resetattack and ::resetdefence for free. Non-Donators are subject to a 5M fee per reset.
  • When sucessfully defeating an opponent in the Wilderness, Donators receive twice as many Wilderness Points, which are spendable at Wilderness Store in Edgeville or Mandrith in Varrock.
  • Donators are capable of getting Donators-exclusive drops from monsters, such as Fancy boots from King Black Dragon.


  • Players were once able to buy in-game amps which enabled them to purchase Donator; however, this was removed due to abuse. 
  • Once you're member you can request the "Graardor Donator" userbar on the forums.
  • Elysian and Divine Spirit Shields, Party hats, Santa, and H'ween masks are no longer a Donators item, and can be worn by normal players.

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