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Pest Control

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Pest Control is a minigame that involves teamwork. Players spawn in a boat where they have to wait until at least 5 players come in the game. After waiting a bit, players spawn in the game where they have to find and destroy the portals while protecting the Void knight.

The Monster Portals

Ones the minigame has started your task is to destroy the 4 portals as fast as possible. There are portals located in the East, West and there are 2 portals South

Once all portals have reached 0 health and the void knight has not died yet, you will win this minigame and earn some PCP which can be spent at the PCP shop.

The Void Knight

In the middle of the area there is a Void Knight, you must defend him during the minigame. If he dies, you will lose and will not earn any PCP.

Monsters will attempt to kill the Void Knight that is why teamwork is required to complete Pest Control and win the game.

A group of people will go and kill the portals. The other group helps the void knight by killing the monsters at the center area.

Tip: Make sure to use the blitz spell to avoid hitting the void knight since players can damage the knight. Standing in the corners of the center area is recommended.

If all the portals get destroyed before the Void Knight gets killed, you will earn 5 PCP. But keep in mind that you have do a minimum of 20 damage or you will not earn any PCP.

The Shop

The PCP shop is a shop where you can exchange your PCP points for Void and other armor.

Having full void armor will give you a secret strength boost it will not show up your equipment screen but you have a boost while wearing full void or elite void.

Icon Item Price
Osr - void knight top-31082617
Void Knight Top 75 PCP
20111130105706!Void Knight robe
Void Knight Robe 75 PCP
20120306235321!Void mage helm
Void Mage Helm 30 PCP
20120307000043!Void ranger helm
Void Ranger Helm 30 PCP
20120306205149!Void melee helm
Void Melee Helm 30 PCP
20120306235949!Void Knight gloves
Void Knight Gloves 30 PCP
20120306194721!Fighter torso
Fighter Torso 100 PCP
20110809233938!Healer hat
Healer Hat 100 PCP
Fighter hat
Fighter Hat 100 PCP
Ranger hat
Ranger Hat 100 PCP
Penance skirt
Penance Skirt 100 PCP
Onyx necklace
Berserker Necklace 100 PCP
Runner boots
Runner Boots 20 PCP
20101023115928!Granite body
Granite Body 20 PCP
Penance gloves
Penance Gloves 20 PCP
Dragon bolts (e) 1
Dragon Bolts (e) 1 PCP Each
Demonic sigil
Demonic Sigil 500 PCP
20120908230857!Void knight deflector
Void Knight Deflector 75 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Top 150 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Robe 150 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Top 150 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Robe 150 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Top 150 PCP
  Elite Void Knight Robe 150 PCP

Tips and tricks to help win Pest Control

  • Mages should stand in a corner of the center and use Blood burst/Blood barrage to attacks the monsters
  • Rangers should also stay in the center and lure the monsters to the mages
  • Meleers should go and attack the portals
  • Click on a monster past the gate in order to go through it
  • Do not use ice barrage, as it hits on the void knight in the center
  • You must deal 20 damage minimum to get PCP.

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