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Updates 12/09/2017

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So i guess i thought i'd post a few stuff we are working on / the bugs fixed today. Heres some images and details.


Newest Additions bosses (No drops have been added yet future plans for OSRS items):



Updated Boss Teleport (Keep an eye out for an announcement when these monsters start dropping items):



A few of the future OSRS items that are currently being added (Heavy Balista, Staff of Dead, etc..):



Magic Shop update:




Bugs Fixed:

arms dont show up when in equipment screen while wearing leather body - Fixed

Hp bar goes red when on low hp on extreme mode - Fixed

get booted from server when trying to "sell all" to any shop - Fixed

no warning when dropping items that they WILL disappear - Fixed

Fixed Skill tab (Correct skills inside tabs)

Pipe and gnome agility course now works.

Withdraw "x" from bank just withdraws all - Fixed

cant left click trade magic store - (Fixed she sells barrage runes and veng runes)
cant withdraw/add to pouch in abbreviations (K,M,B) - Fixed
shops don't recognize pouched money when making purchases -Fixed
players can make jewelry by using a gold bar on a gem without needing a furnace or mould or string. - Fixed

slayer gem doesnt do anything, also locations of many slayer monsters unclear... consider reworking with the correct dungeons and spawn locations for npcs? - Fixed gem should give you good details now
range in cooking guild doesnt work - Fixed
Have to type amount everytime you put money to money pouch. Add all, right click maybe? - Fixed
last skin color makes you crash - (Fixed in next client update)
When you gain a prayer level, your prayer points doesn't get raised to the new level. You need to pray at altar. - (Fixed)

Clan rank images are too big, looks weird. - (Fixed)

Home teleport animation keep switching between the animation and "idle" standing animation. (Fixed)

Anvil at mining guild doesn't work. Tried clicking on it aswell as using a bar on it. (Fixed)


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